Delivery Information offers flexible shipping options for our clients, always at discounted rates. Our most affordable standard shipping option is implemented by standard mail methods and provides tracking number on every US order over $15. Tracking and/or receipt information is also offered for other countries. Typically standard shipping is not dispatch time guaranteed so if this is your choice please plan for the variablity of standard post. Please allow an average of 4-7 business days or up to 10 for a normally sized package to be received.
The premium shipping option is more expensive and therefore appropriate for more expensive items or orders that require receipt within a guaranteed time. It is offered at discounted rates and offers guarranteed delivery at your door within 2-4 business days from dispatch (depending on your destination). We offer the same rate
We also offer private courrier options which also provide guaranteed service and send orders by this method whenever possible. If you are placing a medium size order and would like guaranteed delivery you can place your order and inquire to see more shipping options if available.