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  • Saints Cosmas of Aetolia handpainted hagiography icon
From our Handpainted Hagiography Icons collection and our product line for Saints here is our Cosmas of Aetolia.

Commemorates on 09-22
Cosmas of Aitolia was a Martyr born in Aitolia. While he was receiving his education at Mount Athos, he became a monk with the name Cosmas and soon was ordained a Hieromonk. He went to Constantinopole to preach the Holy Gospel and traveled through many cities including the Greek cities of Thessaloniki, Veria, Chimera, Akarnania, Etolia, and the Greek islands of Kephalonia and other places preaching the Christian Faith. In the year of 1779, Saint Cosmas was caught by the Turks and he was strangled. His body was thrown into the river and it was retrieved and buried in the village of Kolikontasi. The Orthodox Church celebrates his feast day on August 24 or on September 22.

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