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From our Handpainted Hagiography Icons collection and our product line for Saints here is our Charalambos.

Commemorates on 02-10
Saint Charalambos was the Priest of the City of Magnesia, in Thessaly, Greece. St. Charalampus preached the faith of Christ and helped people in need and guided them into the way of Christianity, refusing to offer sacrifice to idols. Military commander Lucius heard of his teachings and arrested him. Saint Charalambos endured inhuman tortures despite his old age of 113 years. St. Charalambus earned his sainthood by his endurance of unique physical punishment and his belief in the Christian faith. As the methods of torture were not successful, Emperor Severus ordered for the Saint to be brought to Syria, where he was further tortured and nailed on a cross. St. Charalambos continued to express his faith to Christianity and he was ordered to be beheaded. His two executioners converted to Christianity immediately after the saint died as they heard a voice saying "Well done, my faithful servant; enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."

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