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  • Saints Alexios the Man of God handpainted hagiography icon
From our Handpainted Hagiography Icons collection and our product line for Saints here is our Alexios the Man of God.

Commemorates on 05-17
Alexis the Man of God, was the son of the wealthy Euthymianus and Aglaia, lived in Rome. On his wedding day, Alexis left his wife and the home of his loving parents and wondered from land to land and finally reached the city of Edessa. He gave away all his money and lived in poverty and spiritual struggles. After 17 years, he returned home. After so many years away from home and in deprivations, no one recognized he was the couple’s lost son. Euthymianus took him in as pauper and someone in need and did not find out that he was their missing son until after his death. Alexis had sacrificed all his wealth to live a spiritual and Christian life, spent in strict fasting and in prayers. The Orthodox Church celebrates his feast day on May 17.

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