3.94' x 6.30' Saints Anthimos icon mount paper

  • 3.94' x 6.30' Saints Anthimos icon mount paper
This is the 3.94'' x 6.30'' size icon from our icon mount papers collection and our product line for saints here is our anthimos.

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Saint Anthimos was born in the Greek Island of Chios in 1869. Anthimos was a poor shoemaker but was inspired by the spiritual life of the priests and the monks that he lived his own life as a monk, spending nights in prayer and eating only water and bread. The people of Chios wanted to make him a priest and due to his lack of education, the Bishop Of Smyrna had to ordain him to the priesthood. St. Anthimos built a monastery, the monastery of Panagia Voithia (in Greek Παναγια Βοηθεια) which is still in use today. he carried on the ministry till his death, helping the most sick and working many miracles. The remains of St. Anthimos are in the church inside of the monastery and are believed to still make miracles. The Orthodox Church celebrates his feast day on February 15.

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Size 3.94'' x 6.30''
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