The Religiousmall Christian Icon Collection Catalog - Printed

NOTICE: Please place your icon orders prior to Aug 1st. Icons cannot be made during the month of August. Thank you!
  • The Religiousmall Christian Icon Collection Catalog - Printed
This catalog is currently not available. If you are interested in receiving the catalog please sign up on our mailing list and we will keep you posted.

It contains hundreds of color pages of full of Byzantine icons with references. It can be used a reference for our collection and it also contains offline order methods. We have a limited number of catalogs so please get one only if you must! At this point we have to charge for small handling fee for it. If you send your catalog to a Church address we will handle everything for free and will not charge anything. Please use the special billing instructions to let us know.

This reference is only for icons, we have a separate catalog for non icon items.
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