Andrew - Size - No.4550-50 Size : 10x16cm

  • Andrew - Size - No.4550-50 Size : 10x16cm
Commemorates on: November 30
This Saint was from Bethsaida of Galilee; he was the son of Jonas and the brother of Peter, the chief of the Apostles. He had first been a disciple of John the Baptist; afterwards, on hearing the Baptists witness concerning Jesus, when he pointed Him out with his finger and said, "Behold the Lamb of God, Which take away the sin of the world" he straightway followed Christ, and became His first disciple; wherefore he is called the First called of the Apostles. After the Ascension of the Saviour, he preached in various lands; and having suffered many things for His Names sake, he died in Patras of Achaia, where he was crucified on a cross in the shape of an "X," the first letter of "Christ" in Greek; this cross is also the symbol of Saint Andrew.

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