Saints Photine the Samaritan Woman handpainted hagiography icon

  • Saints Photine the Samaritan Woman handpainted hagiography icon
From our Handpainted Hagiography Icons collection and our product line for Saints here is our Photine the Samaritan Woman.

Commemorates on 02-26
Saint Photini lived in Palestine in the 1st century. She was the Samaritan woman who Christ visited at the Jacob’s well asking her for water. She repented her many sins, accepted the “living water” from Jesus Christ and came to believe in His Gospel. She was the first woman to evangelize and spread Jesus’ good news. She was tortured by the Emperor Nero and spent three years in prison with her children, preaching Jesus’ teachings. Nero killed her sisters and her sons asking Photini to relent and offer sacrifice to the idols but she denied as she spit in his face. She was thrown down a well where she offered her soul to God. The Orthodox Church celebrates her feast day on February 26 and on the 5th Sunday of Easter.

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